About The Identity Mashup Conference

This site was built in June 2006 in advance of the Identity Mashup Conference. The purpose of this site is to provide conference participants and the identity community with new ways to experience their own and other's identities. If you are new to identity mashups and this site you will benefit from the guide we prepared. Creating your profile on this site To create a profile for yourself on this site follow these steps. If you are concerned about privacy please see our privacy policy.

1. Join the site by clicking the link in the upper right corner

2. After creating an account and logging in, click the "Edit your profile" link

3. Click on the "edit" tab to edit your profile, what you enter will be visible to other registered users of this site

4. Your profile will also affect what you see in the left column "My Events" and "My Tags" Higgins Trust Framework on this site Higgins LogoStarting June 19th, to take full advantage of this site, you should have Firefox and the Higgins plugin installed. Higgins is a framework that enables users and enterprises to integrate identity, profile, and relationship information across multiple systems.

Visitors who have installed the HBX Firefox browser plugin and have created an account on Higgins will see their Higgins profile information automatically in use on this site. You will still need to log into this site by either using Yadis/OpenID or by registering a new account. For detailed instructions on how to demo Higgins on this site see our how-to page. You will see your Higgins profile at work on this site in many ways. Some examples include: 1. "My Tags" is a list of tags you specified in your profile 2. "My Events" shows you the conference sessions you selected in your profile 3. Other conference participants may view certain profile fields on your user page Tags on this site Tags are used extensively on this site to connect you to content in a flat and organic way. Because all events, documents and people can have tags associated, you are able to view complete collections of people and content associated with any specific tag on that tag’s page, or as we call it, the "taggregate." In the left column, "My Tags" is a list of tags you selected in your profile.

"Our Tags" is a list of everyone’s tags. Select any of these tags to go to the tag's taggregate page. The content collection found on taggregate pages is mashed together from this site and many outside sources through RSS and publisher's API. Blogs on this site In an effort to listen to this community, we aggregate blog entries tagged with the conference tag "idmashup06" along with an assortment of tags related to user-centric identity. We query Technorati’s API for all these tags and then create a merged list arranged chronologically. Remember, we can't hear you if you don't use the tag "idmashup06" in your blog posts or Flickr images.