Identification Technology: Microdot tags

A firm in South Africa has introduced a very superior microdot tag and solution called trace for the automobiles and other assets that are of very high value. This has provided the South Africans with the access to afford very high quality identification technology for their assets. This has in turn been very effective when it comes to taking care of the market for the goods that have been stolen.

There are a total of three companies that provide the micro tags that is utilized for asset identification. They forms target o capture at least fifty percent of the growing market in the shortest time possible and with the objective of growing up to seventy percent in the year 2012.

The director of the firm has a strong notion that the market for microdot is very big in the South African market because of the potential it has to prevent theft by curtailing the market for stolen goods.  Securing the identity of the assets is very vital when it comes to preventing theft as it decreases the marketability and thus microdot is a very effective method when it comes asset identification.

Statistics have proved that the use of microdot in securing vehicles results to fifty to sixty percent reduction of the number of hijacked and stolen automobiles.  It is worth mentioning that the utilization of Microdot has become increasingly popular and thus securing the assets and curtailing theft has become very effective.

The firm utilizes very high tech nanotechnology to verify the locality that makes it very difficult to counterfeit or even copy the labels. Each batch has got a peculiar Asset Identification Number.