DVD to ipod converter

DVD to ipod converter is a very useful software for those who wish to carry their favorite videos in their pockets and watch them whenever and wherever they wish to. Using this software you can easily convert any DVD format file and play it on you ipod.

Many such converters are available on the internet. What you have to do is simply browse the internet find one such software and download it for free. Then install it on your computer and launch it. These converters accept almost all DVD formats like avi, mpeg, tivo, wmv, DivX, etc. These converters are also compatible for any version of the ipod or iphone. Once you have launched the converter on your system an interface will appear, you have to load the DVD file which you need to convert onto the converter. Select the output profile from the drop-down list.

There are additional features like you can adjust the output video quality and file size according to your requirement. You can also customize various parameters like bitrate, brightness, etc. These converters also accept DVD subtitles. After you have adjusted all settings as per your need you just need to click on the start or convert button and the conversion will begin. Within a very short time your video will be ipod compatible and ready to be played to on your ipod. Then you just have to import this converted video to the itunes library and then sync it with your ipod.

If you wish to carry your favorite videos along on your ipod and turn it into a portable media centre, you just need a DVD to ipod converter. Doing this is a very simple process and with just one click your DVD format video will be ready to be played on your ipod.