DVD backup Software

The backup of files is necessary so that in case they get deleted or corrupted we can reinstate them and run them on our computers once again. The backup softwares create a copy of the original data in the form of an image file which can be used to later restore the original data. DVD backup software is mainly used to write the data files or the movies etc on the DVDs so that we can have a permanent copy of the original data. The use of backup on DVD is that the DVD-ROM is the type of read-only optical storage and provides more storage (such as up to 6x times) as compared to the average CD-ROM. DVD-ROM is easily available in the computers nowadays so it has the advantage over magnetic tapes etc.
The main use these for the DVD backup softwares if the writing of the movies on the DVDs so that one can watch them on their DVD players connected to their big screens at home or may be pass them on to some friends. They may also be used by the company holding the copyrights of the movie to reproduce the movie as many times as they want and then sell the DVDs in the market. Unfortunately, this has also led to piracy concerns for the movie industry.
DVD backup software comes at different rates and different uses. The most highly rated DVD backup software for the year 2011 was DVD-Cloner at 40$.  There are many other good DVD backup softwares such as ‘123CopyDVD’, ‘1Click DVD Copy’ etc.