Backup to DVD

The need of backup is pretty obvious that incase of any errors or corruption of memory, the data is not lost permanently. Most of the computers nowadays are prone to many cyber and network attacks that can be a cause to damage the system files thus causing the system to crash permanently, which may results in the partial or complete loss of data. The backup is necessary to avoid the permanent loss as it can restore the original data from the backup database stored somewhere. A good option of storing the backup data is the DVD. For instance if the backup is stored on the computer itself then it’s obvious that in case of a complete memory deletion the backup would also be removed. The backup can also be stored on a flash-drive but it may also be edited and removed.
The backup to DVD is a good option as the data stored on DVD is most of the times read-only and so the backup cannot be easily removed until the DVD itself is destroyed. The backup is prepared by a software and then burned onto the DVD. The DVD is placed somewhere safe where the administrator can access easily when required. The backup is usually in the form of an ‘image’ file that can restore the original data when rerun on the affected system with the same software used. Backup to DVD is the best option for the many computers who have the same databases and files required on them; for instance in an organization.