Identification technology: Personal identity

Technology is one thing that most people have grown to strongly embrace with time. Technology has advanced and it is still on the same path. What is latest in technology today may easily become a thing of the past tomorrow. A good example is that of the identification cards that have evolved with time. Approximately two hundred years ago one would have to identify him or herself from a piece of paper. One would probably give his or her name, height, color of eyes and hair on a piece of paper and that was it.

This was rather ineffective because there are many people who share the same height, color of eyes and hair. This formed the weakness of the system especially when it came to the security issues. Security is very essential and thus personal identification methods had to be advanced to another level. The fact that people’s identity and security have to be considered has led to great advancements in the technology.

The identification cards have undoubtedly evolved from the traditional approaches that were utilized in the past to the level that it is at today. The personal identification cards are very vital in the entire globe with are utilized for various purposes in this modern age. To start with, it is utilized as a picture identification tool since one can match the name and the photo very easily.

The cards that are used for personal identification are designed with the micro chips and strips that are coded that allow a lot of data to be used. These sorts of cards are popularly referred to as the smart cards and keep evolving daily. The beauty about these types of cards lies in the fact that they can be programmed so as to have information on ones medical history that may include some of the medicines that one has allergies on and this information is crucial in the prevention of other problems.