Finger prints and Identification technology

All humans are created through the amalgamation of varying DNA structures. Notably, as much as identical twins have similar appearances they possess varying characteristics. In such situations one will discover that the biometric technology benefits from this as it makes sure only registered users can have access to the system. Using a combination of sufficient technology, one can be in a position to apply this technology without necessarily having any supervision.

The Fingerprint

The technology of biometric is founded on the recognition of the finger prints that has got different kinds of technologies such as optical, digital, thermal, ultrasonic and fingerprint capacitance. The main method is to have a photo taken of the fingerprints. The finger has to be free from any sort of contamination so that the methods mentioned above can work well.

A deeper insight of the fingerprint capacitance reveals that the image that is produced is of high quality as it can take a photo of the surface of the finger that is below the ink of the finger. The scanning area has dimensions of half by half an inch and is not very accurate in the identification of a person. The tool is also affected by electricity that is in a static position.

On the other hand, the thermal fingerprint utilizes the infrared rays that are utilized for sensing the temperature that differs between the basin and the portion that is responsible for the creation of the images of the finger prints. With the ultrasonic method, it utilizes very high sound waves so as to get a glimpse of the finger print images. The ultra sound is capable of penetrating ant sort of medium that is connected to the finger and thus is can be classified as the most appropriate method. One major setback of the fingerprint identification is that fake fingerprints can be utilized.